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Jun 30

My last day in office

Posted by abiao at 10:01 | Others | Comments(3) | Reads(10424)
Today is my last day in the office, I have made up my mind to continue to study a PhD, it is a hard decision without getting much support from my family, anyway, every coin has two sides, be positive, positive.

China -> Germany -> China -> Switzerland -> London -> Nottingham

I will have to go back to China for my student visa and stay there for nearly two months, visiting my family and friends, travelling around, etc., and come back to UK by the end of August, hopefully. In the meantime I have to reduce blog publishing frequency, but if you do have any interesting staff, please leave me at http://www.mathfinance.cn/contact-me, thanks.

Have a nice summer.

Good luck with your Ph.D. I very much regret not doing  a doctorate when I could have done (I had a three year research job, and I could easily have turned it into a PhD), so I think you are doing the right thing. And there are so many jobs out there for PhDs, you will feel much better once you have it.

Thank you for the blog, I have greatly enjoyed it and found it very useful.
Man... Where are u going to do your PhD? I understood this is a hard call... anyway, good luck. Hopefully u would still keep updating this ... I really like this, one of my favorite.
thanks guys for your encouragement, I will study my PhD at Nottingham business school, will definately keep updating as studying will give me more spare time. Cheers.
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