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Nov 27

My Thanks This Year

Posted by abiao at 10:23 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(4659)
2009's Thanksgiving day has come, I would like to show my thanks of this year to:
1, my professors at ETH and university of Zurich for their professional guide through my MSc in quantitative finance, especially to Prof. Dr. Paul Embrechts, Prof. Ch. Schwab, and Prof Marc Chesney;
2, my current professor David Newton for his willingness to supervise my PhD projects, I couldn't be here without his kind and countless help;
3, my family always standing behind me as long as my choice is made deliberately;
4, my former colleagues at xQuant and AHL for their encouragement during my gloomy days;
5, all readers of my blog, especially those leaving comments and sharing with me cool web sites;
6, ...

Back to my old post 10 Bestselling Quant books below $17.55, since there are 2 people participating, my first run randint(1,1,[1,2]) returns 2, so Congratulations Eugene! Please drop me a line about your postal address in US, the book you like to abiao@mathfinance.cn, I'll send the book to you ASAP. Sorry nico. Thanks both for your participation.

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