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Mar 6

New Toolbar Installed

Posted by abiao at 12:59 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(18554)
An off-topic post for Sunday afternoon. As you may notice already I installed a new toolbar at the bottom of this blog, it provides a web toolbar that enables us to integrate the most exciting services and web applications. To guide you through the toolbar I briefly explain a few applications added at the moment:

Special offers: list of a few selected free or discounted offers for our blog readers, thanks to our blog sponsors, so since you are here, take a look at the offers if interested;
Recent posts: the latest 15 posts;
Share: help the blog grow by sharing with your friends if you feel the post is useful. You can do so with tweet, facebook and other social marketing tools. I must admit sharing is most important to encourage me to maintain the blog;
Search: search the blog here directly, save your time;
RSS feed: subscribe to blog RSS to keep updated of new posts;
Twitter: view syndicated Quantitative finance site/blog feeds on a single twitter @all_quant, follow the account if you feel it is useful.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

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