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[Paper Review] A Market-Based Measure of Credit Portfolio Quality and Banks' Performance During the Subprime Crisis abiao 2012/08/16
[Others] Basics of Using Bloomberg abiao 2012/08/15
[Review] On Geometric and Arithmetic Approaches to Attribution Linking abiao 2012/08/13
[Paper Review] Non-stationary non-parametric volatility model abiao 2012/07/31
[Code » R/Splus] R Optimization Test abiao 2012/07/23
[Code » Matlab] An Implementation of Markov Regime Switching Model with Time Varying Transition Probabilities in Matlab abiao 2012/06/27
[Others] Workshop on Stochastic and PDE Methods in Financial Mathematics, 2012, Armenia abiao 2012/06/13
[Paper Review] Recovering Index Implied Volatility Skew Week in Review abiao 2012/06/12
[Code » Other] Option pricing models implemented in AirXCell abiao 2012/06/10
[Paper Review] New Illiquidity Measure Week in Review abiao 2012/05/21
[Others] Technology's Impact on Education abiao 2012/05/16
[Paper Review] Forecast Expected Return Week in Review abiao 2012/05/10
[Others] Infographic: The Worlds Richest Hedge Fund Managers Exposed abiao 2012/05/08
[Others] Things You need to know about penny stocks abiao 2012/05/05
[Others] First International Conference on Futures and other Derivative Markets abiao 2012/05/02
[Review] Risk Management Week in Review 020512 abiao 2012/05/02
[Others] Infographic: Is the Black Scholes Model Responsible for the Credit Crunch abiao 2012/04/24
[Review] Top Hedge Fund in London Week in Review abiao 2012/04/20
[Others] Trading Stocks with Stochastic Oscillator abiao 2012/04/18
[Others] How to Get Federal Loans for College abiao 2012/04/17
[Code » Matlab] Free Historical Intra-Daily Data abiao 2012/04/16
[Review] Good Strategy Bad Strategy Week in Review 130412 abiao 2012/04/13
[Others] Fallacies of Valuing Bonds With Near 0% Interest Rates abiao 2012/04/12
[Review] Optimization Algorithms Week in Review 100412 abiao 2012/04/10
[Others] Rent rather than sell a house abiao 2012/04/03
[Review] Prof Hal White Passed Away Week in Review 020412 abiao 2012/04/02
[Others] Assistant Professor Salary: China vs. UK abiao 2012/04/01
[Others] Markets, Ethics and Mathematics - A Defence of Mathematics abiao 2012/03/30
[Review] Python in Matlab Week in Review 250312 abiao 2012/03/25
[Others] 10 Things the Public Need to Know About Quantitative Trading abiao 2012/03/23
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