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[Review] Week In Review 071211 Machine Learning Python abiao 2011/12/07
[Code » R/Splus] Week in Review 021211 R Language abiao 2011/12/02
[Others] Truth about Online College Students abiao 2011/11/29
[Review] Week In Review 251111 Style Analysis abiao 2011/11/25
[Others] Happy Thanksgiving 2011 abiao 2011/11/24
[Review] Week In Review 182011 abiao 2011/11/18
[Review] Week In Review 112011 abiao 2011/11/11
[Review] Week In Review 042011 abiao 2011/11/04
[Review] Week In Review abiao 2011/10/28
[Code » Other] Fast Least Squares Monte Carlo Simulation for American Option abiao 2011/10/09
[Others] 24th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference abiao 2011/09/30
[Others] Financial Engineering Ranking abiao 2011/09/23
[Code » Code site] R Code For Statistics and Finance: An Introduction abiao 2011/09/22
[Paper Review] Fitting and Testing for the Implied Volatility Curve Using Parametric Models abiao 2011/09/19
[News] Is the Greece Default Immanent? (And What You Can Learn from it) abiao 2011/09/13
[Others] NAAIM 2012 Competition For Advances in Active Investment Management - $10,000 Award abiao 2011/09/12
[Others] Marketclub Special Offer abiao 2011/09/01
[Others] David Heath Passed Away - Sad News abiao 2011/08/16
[Others] Few Interesting Papers to Read abiao 2011/08/03
[Others] World Changing Mathematical Discoveries Bill 2011/07/24
[Others] The 8th Conference of Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives abiao 2011/07/13
[Code » R/Splus] Necessity to Explain CDS with A Regime Switching Model abiao 2011/07/07
[Paper Review] Adding and Subtracting Black-Scholes:A New Approach to Approximating Derivative Prices in Continuous-Time Models abiao 2011/07/01
[Paper Review] Credit Informed Tactical Asset Allocation abiao 2011/06/30
[Others] Credit Default Spread and Historical Volatility abiao 2011/06/22
[Paper Review] Financial Risk Forecasting abiao 2011/06/21
[Review] Why you should Strongly Consider Using VIPRE Antivirus Software abiao 2011/06/20
[Paper Review] A Comparative Study of Range-based Stock Return Volatility Estimators for the German Market abiao 2011/06/17
[Paper Review] How I Became a Quant: Insights from 25 of Wall Street's Elite Bill 2011/06/15
[News] China is the New Dot.Com Hong Kong Security Chief Warns Bill 2011/06/09
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