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[Paper Review] Statistical Arbitrage in the U.S. Equities Market abiao 2011/03/02
[Code » Matlab] Markov Regime Switching Models abiao 2011/02/25
[Others] 2011 Call for Papers and Grants by IFM abiao 2011/02/21
[Others] Quant Q&A Wall abiao 2011/02/11
[Others] Schedule of 21st Annual APFRS abiao 2011/02/08
[Code » Matlab] Download Multiple Stock Quotes abiao 2011/01/06
[Review] Two Magazines to Keep You Close Market abiao 2011/01/05
[Others] Paper Accepted for Presentation at the 2011 APFRS abiao 2011/01/02
[Code » Matlab] Happy New Year 2011 abiao 2010/12/31
[Paper Review] Realized Variance Estimation abiao 2010/12/30
[Others] Twitter Can Predict The Stock Market abiao 2010/12/23
[Code » Java] Java Implementation of R Language abiao 2010/12/22
[Others] Quantitative Finance Forum abiao 2010/12/20
[Code » R/Splus] Issues of R Client Library For The Google Prediction API abiao 2010/12/16
[Others] A Few Posts abiao 2010/12/08
[Review] Free Mini Email Trading Course abiao 2010/12/02
[Others] Happy Thanksgiving Day abiao 2010/11/25
[Code » R/Splus] Life Is Short, Use Python abiao 2010/11/24
[Review] Data Mining with R, Learning with Case Studies abiao 2010/11/22
[Others] Three Excellent Tools To Protect Your Data abiao 2010/11/18
[Review] Trend Analysis abiao 2010/11/11
[Code » Matlab] Nearest Correlation Matrix Code abiao 2010/11/10
[Paper Review] Combined Portfolio Construction Strategies abiao 2010/11/09
[Paper Review] Long Term Volatility Forecast abiao 2010/11/03
[Others] October Update of Quantitative Finance Collector.PDF abiao 2010/11/01
[Code » Other] Any Good Way To Import A Large CSV File Into MySql abiao 2010/10/27
[Code » R/Splus] Handling Large Datasets in R abiao 2010/10/26
[Code » R/Splus] R API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation abiao 2010/10/25
[Code » Other] Biases in TRACE Corporate Bond Data abiao 2010/10/21
[Code » C++] Fast and Accurate Long Stepping Simulation of the Heston Stochastic Volatility Model abiao 2010/10/20
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