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Dec 6

Paul Wilmott's new book on quantitative finance

Posted by abiao at 12:08 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(5808)
Paul Wilmott has written a new book Frequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance since his first version two years ago. I was really excited when I read the first version as he explained every question within several extremely easy paragraphs even for starters, which makes me recall what the CEO of alibaba once said during his presentation: "I would explain my business plan to my grandmother to make sure she is able to understand before we take action."

Anyway, I have ordered the new book and am still waiting for my package. Just a short comparision from the contents between first and second version, it seems besides the up-to-date of several chapters like "Popular Quant Books", "The Most Popular Search Words and Phrases on Wilmott.com" and "Brainteasers", the author adds a new chapter "the common mistakes in quantitative finance", which might refer to the current credit crisis and draw lessons from it. Plus, the author adds two more ways to derive Black Scholes formula to a total of twelve different ways, interesting.

Look forward to reading it.  

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