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Jan 1

Post your article on this blog

Posted by abiao at 13:52 | Others | Comments(5) | Reads(49805)
I have got few emails and messages recently asking for the possibility to write an article and post on Quantitative finance collector blog, for example, "I have come across finance sites and am willing to contribute with an article. Please do let me know if you are interested to do so", "I love to write unique finance articles & after seeing ur site I have written one unique article for ur site. Will u be interested to publish it in ur site along with my link"...

Forgive me if I didn't reply individually, the short answer is: YES, you can, but subject to the following criteria:
1, the content of the article must be relevant to quantitative finance in general, specifically, any article about quantitative trading, quantitative risk analysis, derivative pricing code and software, etc., is highly welcomed;
2, the article must be unique and writen only for Quantitative finance collector blog, instead of a copy from other sites;
3, the site linked to must be healthy, no gambling & porn are accepted.

The benefits of posting artiles on this blog:
1, as a sign of gratitude, we will leave maximum two links back to your site in the post, which will increase the exposure and traffic of your site;
2, the link is do-follow, which means the link will be better recoganized by search engines;
3, the blog has around 1000 unique visitors per day, by writing an article and leaving your contact information here, you are more likely to be recoganized;
3, more opinions are always good for both of our readers.

About MathFinance.cn:
Blog on Quantitative finance code, methods in math finance focusing on derivative pricing, quantitative trading and quantitative risk management. Several features:
1, one of the few mainly quant oriented blogs;
2, received on average 30,000+ unique visitors and 50,000+ pageviews per month;
3, visitors are mostly from US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany.

How to post an article:
simply send your article to abiao @ mathfinance.cn (remove space). Posting an article is totally free as we believe it will be a win-win strategy.  

Cool thing. I like to post here if I wrote something. Happy new year, Abiao.
I appreciate your support, econworm, happy new year.
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Very cool, thanks. Again I love the extremely anti-interference agenda.
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Awesome! Some really helpful information in there. Bookmarked. Excellent source.
Awesome info, thanks for putting this together!
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