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Dec 5

Publish / Apply Quant Jobs

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We added a new section into our site: Quant Jobs, which is a portal to publish and collect entry / junior level full time, temporary, contract, outsourcing jobs for quant analyst, quant trader and quant developer.

Why choose this board?
Quantitative finance collector is one of the few blogs dedicated to the field of quantitative finance, financial engineering from the right beginning of inception. All of its visitors are quant wannabe or already quants (analyst, trader or developer, including the bloggers), therefore a quant job listed here is able to attract the exact types of jobseekers, or put another way, to maximize the recruiters' utility under the constraint of resources spent in posting.

Traffic and Growth
Below is a snapshot of traffic this site received in Oct, 2009.
Open in new window Among them, nearly 40% is from United States and Canada, 30% is from United Kindom and other European countries (mainly France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy), 10% is from China (HongKong), Singapore and Japan. And we will be actively increasing the exposure of this quant job board.

Jobseekers and recruiters from the hiring financial institutions are free to use & publish opportunies, while we charge 20 US dollar or 12 GBP pounds per job posted by recruiters from headhunter agency. As we try seriously to benefit all parties involved, we will NEVER delete any job published as long as the link keeps alive, which means you can leave your company profile, URL link at this job board forever. (even cheaper than one month fee to buy a backlink at some text link ads platform.)

How to publish a job?
Simply click post a new job at the right up side, fill in the necessary information such as job requirement, link to the job, contact info, etc. and finish. You have to pay if you are an agent, otherwise we have the right to delete your post.

How to apply for a job?
If a recruiter chooses "Allow Online Applications", applicants are able  to apply directly by clicking "Apply Online" at the lower side of page and sending their CVs to the recruiter's email box,
Open in new window otherwise by visiting the company's website with URL below the job title
Open in new window

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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