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Mar 25

Python in Matlab Week in Review 250312

Posted by abiao at 16:26 | Review | Comments(1) | Reads(7872)
pymex - Matlab in Python: pymex embeds a Python interpreter in Matlab, allowing Matlab programmers write parts of their scripts in Python. Programmers are also able to use Python modules in Matlab.

The Short Term Prediction of Analysts' Forecast Error: a short term trading strategy based on predicting the error in analysts' earnings per share forecasts using publicly available information generates an annual gross abnormal return of 16.56%.

R in Google Summer of Code 2012: participating in a program receives US$5,000 for successful completion of a GSoC project using R language sponsored by Google.

Comovement and Predictability Relationships Between Bonds and the Cross-Section of Stocks: we find that bonds are robustly related to the cross-section of stock returns in both comovement and predictability patterns.

10 Things the Public Need to Know About Quantitative Trading: Infographic: 10 Things the Public Need to Know About Quantitative Trading.

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