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Mar 17

Quant Project Outsourcing

Posted by abiao at 10:29 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(6558)
I haven't updated my blog for several days as I have been very busy last week with my own research, courses. In the mean time I also did a few outsourcing projects, for example, some recent projects including a portfolio Value at Risk calculation excel with macro supporting advanced input & output form; an American option calculator considering discrete dividends in VBA; data clean, missing data imputation for a small hedge fund; probability of future stock price exceeding a barrier in Matlab, etc.

Some selected customers' review:
Very satisfied, with the level of work -  muzammmil
Fantastic effort abiao, I really appreciated you turning this job around for me so quickly. If I ever have the need for a quant to help with another custom function, you are my man. - ABCInvestor
Thanks for your efficiency, you are definately on my list if I need a quick quant. - John

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If you happen to have some math finance projects for outsourcing, you may consider to give my group and me chance. Although we can't guarantee we are capable of meeting all your requirements, we can try best to insure you a satisfied result as long as we promise to undertake the project, at a low cost. Please email me at abiao @ mathfinance.cn (remove space) for a quote and proposal if you want, cheers.

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