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Mar 16

Quant salary

Posted by abiao at 18:42 | News | Comments(0) | Reads(13949)
Hutson has published its quant salary survey results in Asian market, http://china.hudson.com/documents/Hudson-Asia-Banking-Financial-Services-Salary-Information.pdf, focusing on Banking and Financial services sector. The figure looks not bad at all, given the terrible market of 2008. I have to say for many cases the quant salary does not mean the exact number the quant get, especially in China, other income exceeding salary is pretty possible.

I also had a survey for quant salary in mainland, China, results are shown below (basic salary + bonus, about 1~3 years work experience in Chinese Yuan):
number                 percentage of voters
50K ~ 80K                      11.4%
80K ~ 100K                     7.89%
100K ~ 120K                   5.26%
120K ~ 150K                   22.81%
150K ~ 200K                   7.02%
200K ~ 300K                   7.89%
>300K                            37.72%

Considering the average annual salary for Chinese fresh master graduates is about 60K, quant salary is exicting, isn't it?

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