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Mar 16

Quant salary

Posted by abiao at 18:42 | News | Comments(1) | Reads(21718)
Hutson has published its quant salary survey results in Asian market, http://china.hudson.com/documents/Hudson-Asia-Banking-Financial-Services-Salary-Information.pdf, focusing on Banking and Financial services sector. The figure looks not bad at all, given the terrible market of 2008. I have to say for many cases the quant salary does not mean the exact number the quant get, especially in China, other income exceeding salary is pretty possible.

I also had a survey for quant salary in mainland, China, results are shown below (basic salary + bonus, about 1~3 years work experience in Chinese Yuan):
number                 percentage of voters
50K ~ 80K                      11.4%
80K ~ 100K                     7.89%
100K ~ 120K                   5.26%
120K ~ 150K                   22.81%
150K ~ 200K                   7.02%
200K ~ 300K                   7.89%
>300K                            37.72%

Considering the average annual salary for Chinese fresh master graduates is about 60K, quant salary is exicting, isn't it?

Thank you for helping people get the information they need. Great stuff as usual. Keep up the great work!
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