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Aug 10

Quantitative Finance Collector PDF

Posted by abiao at 10:49 | Others | Comments(1) | Reads(7712)
PhotobucketCouple of months ago I created a PDF document including most of articles on this blog, (read Top Quant codes collection you shouldn't miss). Over one year passed I realize I need to make an updated one as many more articles have been added since then. It helps me to backup and some of my readers to view easily.

Quantitative Finance Collector is simply a record of my financial engineering learning journey as a master in quantitative finance, a PhD candidate in finance and a Quantitative researcher, with most of the entries written at school. Download the whole articles. (updated 08/2010)

It has 460 pages long, covering all artilces up to 09/08/2010. (wow, much more than I expected), some of them are irrelavant to quant finance, and please forgive me as there are absolutely lots of English grammer errors and poor expression. So feel free to distribute or delete it.

This content is top quality, you can find a lot of unique things that will not be noticed on many other web sites, really handy but still very specific!
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