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Dec 20

Quantitative Finance Forum

Posted by abiao at 13:30 | Others | Comments(3) | Reads(38588)
I got an email a few days ago inquiring if I can share some good quantitative finance forums for a newbie to start with, as this topic may be interesting for others as well, I post my reply here.

To be honest, there aren't many well established quantitative finance forums on internet as it is a narrow & professional field, with a small size of targeting audiences, compared with those countless forums for entertainment. A good side is, however, many big-name people get used to visit these only few quantitative finance forums and hence your questions can get answered more quickly & correctly.

Ok, the NO.1 forum is Wilmott.com, with a large members from both industry and academia, managed by Dr. Paul Wilmott, author of several best selling quantitative finance books, read Wilmott's books;

The other three forums I personally visit are Quantnet, started by a few Baruch MFE students and becomes popular nowdays for both students and practitioners; Global derivatives, used to be popular among MFE applicants; Nuclear Phynance, most members are traders, be careful to ask questions as the culture is kind of weird there (my personal opinion).

There are a few other quantitative finance forums I seldom read such as www.quantitativefinanceforum.com, quantitative finance book forum by Prof. Mark Joshi, I bet you heard of his advice for wannabe quants (strongly recommend you to read it if not).

In terms of Chinese quantitative finance forum, two places I visit often are QuantHR, MIT bbs Quant board.

Enjoy discussing.

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There is another forum at http://quant.lyThe users are mostly stat arb & HFT practitioners.
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