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Sep 1

Code for Quantitative Macroeconomics

Posted by abiao at 12:01 | Code » Code site | Comments(2) | Reads(8060)
I am not a fan of Quantitative Macroeconomics, which uses standard neoclassical theory to explain business cycle fluctuations and tries to answer the following questions, to name a few,
What are the empirical characteristics of business cycles?
What brings business cycles about?
What propagates them?
Who is most affected and how large would be the welfare gains of eliminating them?
What can economic policy, both fiscal and monetary policy do in order to soften or eliminate business cycles?
Should the government try to do so?

Sounds boringshock? I found this site when I searched "Kalman filter", click the following link for codes in Quant economics of different programming languages.

I AM a fan of your blog. Thanks for sharing this information.
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