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Feb 4

QuantShare Trading Software

Posted by abiao at 11:19 | Review | Comments(0) | Reads(10357)
The manager of QuantShare has contacted me about this software, after several days trial I feel it may be of interest to some of you so I post a short introduction here.

QuantShare is a new technical/fundamental analysis software available since only few months.

The sharing server is what makes QuantShare apart from anything else. It is a place where users can share their trading systems, indicators, downloaders, custom drawing tools...

If you need intraday data for futures, simply search for a downloader in the sharing server and chances are you will find one already implement by a member of the community. There are more than 800 items there and this number keeps increasing every day.

Besides, the sharing server, QuantShare has an impressive number of tools (Charting, Simulator, Composite, Genetic Algorithm, Neural Network ...).

The simulator for example allows you to create trading systems and backtest them very easily. The money management tool can be used in case you want to implement strategies that are more advanced. Once your system is ready, the Portfolio tool allows you to generate buy and sell orders automatically using the trading system rules.

It is also possible to include composites, fundamental data, news data and anything that can be quantified in your system.

Click here to get a free QuantShare Trading Software trial.

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