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Nov 9

Run My Code Portal Introduction

Posted by abiao at 15:57 | Code » Code site | Comments(5) | Reads(8050)
Do not know whether you visited it before or not, I came across this site "Run My Code" today when I searched a paper. It is interesting and useful so I have no hesitation to share with you immediately.

Basically RunMyCode is a novel cloud-based platform that enables scientists to openly share the code and data that underlie their research publications. It has many files accompanying those published papers so you can easily replicate the results, which dramatically decreases your research efforts. You can choose to download the coding files directly, or upload your data and run it via the site's cloud platform. (I tried twice but failed for unknown reasons, so I recommend you to download the file and run on your own computer.)

The site is a newly established and is expanding, at the moment it includes 64 files under the following categories
run my code

A sample search in Finance returns you the codes.

It is free to use, quite nice, isn't it?

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Thanks for sharing RunMyCode, it's a big help for me.
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