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Apr 19

Scholarship to apply for

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ALMOST NOTHING POSITIVE, these are the most heard words recently whenver I have a talk with my former colleagues and classmates, as you might recall from my post "shit happens everywhere", I will lost my current job soon as well. Yes, it is true, i was told i could only stay in my office till the end of June, which means I have to either look for a new job, for instance, Finance Career: Learn about finance firm profiles, finance jobs, finance career message boards and more. ,  or find another way out, for instance, study for a MFE or PhD.

Staying at university for a while is no doubt a good way to decrease the impact of credit crisis on you, since the job hunting competition gets tough and tough, even a humble position requires "ideally an applicant with PhD degree with 2 or more years work experience". How to choose a good MFE or PhD in QF program is natually a question everybody has before application, here by good program I mean good placement with accepted tuition fee (PS: I saw two weeks ago The University of Hawai’i Shidler College Of Business is offering one year Master of Financial Engineering program with scholarship available, search in Google if you are happy with the location). I happen to see such a rank, which might be suggestive to you, although this rank is too old,
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After you are lucky enough to get an admission from one of these Top programs, you might wonder how to arrange money for enrolling in a graduate school? Is money a real concern for you? Getting an admission to a graduate is not an easy job but the big cheese is to collect money to pay tuition. All students would be pleased to recognise that state and private lenders offer awards and scholarships for you. It doesn't matter whether you have just finished undergraduate level or have been working for some years. The scholarships are available almost for all but standards changes within financial institutions. Some lenders award on merit basis with a proved track record in undergraduate school and some grants are provided on the basis of the amount required for the full graduate school degree program. To apply for a scholarship is not that easy as it looks to be. one source to search and apply for a scholarship I have ever tried is Find scholarships today at ScholarshipExperts.com - providing US & international students with customized scholarship info! , should you are interested, please take a try.

Good luck to all of you (including me) for job hunting or graduate school application. Enjoy life.

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