"Discover how to do financial analysis and investment that combines technical analysis with neural network and genetic algorithms."
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  • See how neural networks / genetic algorithms can help you to better time your trading.
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Neural Network Model Based on Optimal Signal

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Sample Signal Analysis Overview
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Selected Customer Quotes:

  • "This is an amazing program. I have been able to develop numerous profitable models for my hedge fund. Several have begun to generate profits."
    - Frank Bunn, Owner, Expert Systems Company
  • "The models I've built have great potential and seem to perform quite well outside the test period... In November I began by investing in CISCO and it has captured the turns in the market since then quite well."
    - Brett Ifill
  • "Just wanted to say that the Solution Service is remarkable. I am trading its models and some of my models (SRCL and PDCO, reviewing PLL and UB) and having fun (and money :-)."
    - Alexei Pachkov
  • "TS (TradingSolutions) is a great application, good UI and depth of technical content. I don't make these compliments lightly, since I'm also a developer of financial software (mutual and hedge fund optimization and manager style analysis)"
    -John Groenewold
  • "I have used Trade Station and have found your Functions and Entry/Exit paradigm incredibly easy to use. The way you have structured the interface makes for error free syntax, and no need to learn a programming language. After all, all we want to do is make money. Not have to learn how to program. Very impressive, very nice."
    - Glenn Hutton
  • "I am amazed at the flexibility and capabilites of the package. In about 10 minutes I came up with a net that predicts a smaller-cap semiconductor stock with better than 75% accuracy! And best of all it is based on only two inputs, which makes me feel good about its limited degrees of freedom."
    - - Daniel Ervi, Webmaster
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