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Feb 28

Sudoku Spreadsheet Example of Matlab Excel Link

Posted by abiao at 11:52 | Code » Matlab | Comments(1) | Reads(11914)
Sudoku is one of my favorite small games I often have fun with, I save one copy at my gphone and play it whenever I want to take a rest. (most of us may have a wrong impression that Sudoku originated in Japan, no, in America.)

I happened to find Cleve Moler solved Sudoku using recursive backtracking method and the speed is fast, the minor error is it doesn't report an error when the initial 9*9 matrix you give violates Sudoku rules (you can test it later, the code starts to run and returns a result even you give repetitive numbers along a same row or column). Since building a GUI in matlab isn't easy, I choose to build a Sudoku spreadsheet using Matlab Excel link for an example.

Once you install Excel Link module and turn it on, you will notice the short-cuts on the excel menu bar looking like
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intuitively, those buttons stand for "start matlab", "send data to matlab", "retrieve data from matlab", and "execute the matlab command", respectively.

For my case, I first download the Sudoku M code at http://www.mathworks.co.uk/company/newsletters/news_notes/2009/clevescorner.html?s_cid=ACD0210ukTA2&s_v1=8728847_1-BR7DSN, then open an excel file, write down a 9*9 matrix "X"
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then define a zone to fetch the calculation result, which should also be 9*9
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finally do steps:
<- put data to matlab, MLPutmatrix("X",X)
<- solve the problem in matlab, MLEvalString("X=sudoku(X)")
<- get results from matlab, MLGetMatrix("X","NewX")

result is then retrieved immediately to Sudoku Spreadsheet from matlab
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Straightforward to run your Matlab function in excel, isn't it? alternatively you can use Matlab builder for excel.

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