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Quantitative Finance Collector is a blog on Quantitative finance analysis, financial engineering methods in mathematical finance focusing on derivative pricing, quantitative trading and quantitative risk management. Random thoughts on financial markets and personal staff are posted at the sub personal blog.


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[Review] On Geometric and Arithmetic Approaches to Attribution Linking abiao 2012/08/13
[Code » R/Splus] R Optimization Test abiao 2012/07/23
[Paper Review] Recovering Index Implied Volatility Skew Week in Review abiao 2012/06/12
[Code » Other] Option pricing models implemented in AirXCell abiao 2012/06/10
[Review] Python in Matlab Week in Review 250312 abiao 2012/03/25
[Interview] Interview: Patrick Burns Quantitative Finance in R abiao 2012/03/05
[Review] Option Strategies Week in Review 160212 abiao 2012/02/17
[Code » R/Splus] Week in Review 021211 R Language abiao 2011/12/02
[Code » Code site] R Code For Statistics and Finance: An Introduction abiao 2011/09/22
[Code » R/Splus] Using R in Excel abiao 2011/06/01
[Code » R/Splus] Download R 2.13.0 for Windows abiao 2011/04/15
[Code » R/Splus] How to Vectorize Nested Loop in R? abiao 2011/03/12
[Code » Java] Java Implementation of R Language abiao 2010/12/22
[Code » R/Splus] Issues of R Client Library For The Google Prediction API abiao 2010/12/16
[Code » R/Splus] Life Is Short, Use Python abiao 2010/11/24
[Review] Data Mining with R, Learning with Case Studies abiao 2010/11/22
[Code » R/Splus] R Optimization Function Test abiao 2010/10/01
[Code » R/Splus] Missing Data in R abiao 2010/09/12
[Code » Code site] R Bloggers abiao 2010/09/08
[Code » R/Splus] R Reshape Package abiao 2010/09/06
[Code » R/Splus] Handling Large CSV Files in R abiao 2010/08/09
[Code » R/Splus] Excellent R Code Format Package abiao 2010/07/04
[Code » R/Splus] Simple Dummy R GUI Generator abiao 2010/07/01
[Code » R/Splus] R Sapply Problem abiao 2010/06/16
[Code » R/Splus] R for Matlab Users abiao 2010/06/15
[Code » R/Splus] An Interest Rate R Package Plan abiao 2010/06/07
[Code » R/Splus] How to Create an R Package in Windows abiao 2010/06/04
[Others] Conference on 'Computational Topics in Finance' abiao 2009/12/17
[Code » R/Splus] Convert Splus to R abiao 2008/12/10
[Code » R/Splus] Rmetrics - Basics of Option Valuation abiao 2008/10/22
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