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Nov 20

10 Bestselling Quant books below $17.55

Posted by abiao at 21:24 | Others | Comments(6) | Reads(7036)
You might wonder why I named the title, today I received a gift card from Amazon with value of $17.55, because Amazon pays me commision for any book bought on Quant book store at Amazon.com, $17.55 is what I've earned over the past half year :). However, the gift is less appealing to me as I am not in US, nor have a friend there, so I am thinking it should be valuable for those readers of my blog located in US.

The story is like this: I search "quantitative finance" and "financial engineering" at Amazon, sort the results by bestselling, and select those books below $17.55. If you happen to be in US (or have a postal address in US), just leave a comment at the end of this post telling the number of book you would like. One week later, that is 2009-11-27, a random commentator will be chosen and wins the book s(he) likes. Here random integer generator randint(1,1,[1,N]) in Matlab will be used, N is numbers of commentator, for example, if two people leave a comment, each one has 50% chance; if one people replies (s)he will definately win; if nobody participates, the gift card will be expired and Amazon smiles. (no need to leave a postal address now and I will contact you on 2009-11-27)

Ok, the 10 bestselling Quant books below $17.55 are:
1,    2,    3,   

4,    5,    6,   

7,    8,    9,   


Have a nice weekend.

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Book 3.
Cool, I'd like to participate in this!
My first run randint(1,1,[1,2]) returns 2, so Congratulations Eugene! Please drop me a line about your postal address in US, the book you like to abiao@mathfinance.cn, I'll send the book to you ASAP. Sorry nico.
Book has been sent.
why did not I see you book list?
what do you mean? the ten books are listed above in the post. it might be due to your browser stopped the script to show properly.
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