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Nov 22

Thanksgiving 2012: A Famous Temple in China

Posted by abiao at 16:26 | Others | Comments(5) | Reads(8116)
Time flies, another thanksgiving day of a year.

I would like to express utmost thanks to my supervisor, Professor David Newton, for his continued encouragement, support and guidance throughout the course of my PhD research. I am grateful for his patience, interest and willingness to accept my PhD research topics. Not only does he provide me with research guidance but also his advice for my career drives the whole course of research and makes the three-year PhD study in Nottingham much more interesting.

I thank my parents for their unconditional love and understanding. My life wouldn’t be as it is now without their selfless support. I also want to thank Ms. Haoyu Ma, who has always been at my side supporting me throughout this whole research. Your love and support make every mission possible.

I also take this opportunity to show my thanks to my PhD colleagues and friends at the Nottingham University Business School for their encouragement and help. Spending three fantastic years with you is memorable for the rest of my life. In particular, I would like to thank Dr. Huainan Zhao, Dr. Kai Dai, Ms. Ting Qiu and Mr. Ding Chen, who have always provided me with invaluable advice and suggestions, and helped me in the many ways they can.

Importantly, I thank my co-authors, Dr. Qian Han, Dr. Doojin Ryu, Dr. SongTao Wang, and Prof. David Newton. Our publications and working papers would not be so great without your collaboration. I also appreciate the fly-out opportunities given by University of Otago (New Zealand), Renmin University (China), and KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), I had very good time and the experience is memorable no matter an offer will be given or not.

Finally, thanks for your continue reading my blog despite my infrequent posts this year. A photo taken few weeks ago when I visit a famous temple in HangZhou, China, wish you all healthy and successful in the coming year.
temple China

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keep on looking for a job till next January, hopefully. :)
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