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Jan 6

The Benefits of Becoming a BSN

Posted by abiao at 19:05 | Others | Comments(1) | Reads(3061)
BSN stands for Bachelors of science in nursing, nurses that have a BSN are able to advance in management quicker than those who don't. That is really one of the biggest differences. In a hospital floor setting, nursing is nursing no matter the degree. Most nurses work 8-12 hours per day 3-5 days a week if full-time. In floor nursing most BSNs make only a little more than regular RNs ($0.25-$2.00/hour). Nursing is tough but can be very rewarding depending on your reasonfor being a nurse, If you want to be a nurse for the money or prestige it is not worth it. On the other hand if you really like to help people, and are willing to give a 100% of yourself toward making your patients better (physically, emotionally, spiritually, ect), then nursing might be right for you.

Via: Anna Maria College

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