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Nov 18

Three Excellent Tools To Protect Your Data

Posted by abiao at 12:10 | Others | Comments(5) | Reads(9264)
This is an off-topic post. As a researcher I have always worried about my collected data & paper & programming codes, it is absolutely a nightmare if suddenly my data lost one day, given the huge effort I have put. How to protect yourself then? Below are three excellent tools I feel safe.

1. Dropbox
dropboxThis is the best backup tool I have ever used, it allows you to sync your files in a pre-specified folder almost instantly, any change of file will be synced automatically. It is free, fast, and even better, you can install it in a computer without administrative privilege, such as the computer in your office. So I simply store all my recent files into the folder, and the first thing is to run dropbox every morning in the office, open dropbox at my own computer after back home in the evening, all changes I made that day are automatically updated on both computers.

Every user can get 2GB FREE space after sign-up, you can get extra space free by inviting your friends, for every friend who joins Dropbox, you & your friend will both get 250MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 8GB)! Therefore if you don't mind, please sign-up using my referral link :)

2. Carbonite
You should try Carbonite if you are unsatisfied with the limited space of Dropbox (indeed you can increase storage space by paying Dropbox), two important reasons I like Carbonite are:
Safe offsite storage. Your backed up files are stored in our highly secure data centers – protected from theft, fire, spills and other home and office disasters;
Fast, simple file recovery. If anything happens to any file, Carbonite finds it automatically in your backup and puts it back on your computer – right where it used to be – in a few simple steps.

Carbonite costs about $50 per year for unlimited space, which is definitely worthwhile considering the suffering of data missing.

3. Evernote
To be honest, I use evernote the least frequently, Evernote is another awesome FREE service "remembering everything". Like dropbox and carbonite, it is an online storage system but only for documents, the advantage of Evernote is it allows users to tag the documents and search conveniently later, therefore it is perfect for those people with a huge amount of documents to organize.

Did I mention all of these three tools have iphone / gphone app so basically you can get access to your data nearly wherever you are?

BTW, you can go to https://www.dropbox.com/edu    and link your university email address. your referral free space will be doubled. I have 12GB now.
Thanks Jing for the tip, wish I had known it earlier.
it's not too late, they will double all your previous allowance as well.Oh, Thank you very much for this site :-)I'm also a Chinese in London.
A perfect info source. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. brain exercise games
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