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Apr 25

Top Ten Sites in Quant and Quantitative Finance

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Xmarks is a hot web2.0 site offering bookmark synchronization, search enhancement and web discovery based on sites bookmarked by users, therefore to some extent it shows the popularity of a site. Personally I use it frequently as it gives me a convenient way to bookmark my favourite wherever I am, no matter using a private laptop at home, or a shared computer at a coffee bar, I am always able to find and read my interested sites.

I was surprised to find mathfinance.cn is listed as one of the Top Ten Sites in 'Quant' and 'Quantitative Finance' several minutes ago when I happened to search a keyword in Xmarks, I have no idea when it was listed. Although it may not be treated seriously by others, the rank does make me happy and will continuously encourage our contributors and me to write down what we believe useful. It is our great pleasure to have a blog among those giant sites such as wilmott.com, quantlib.org, quantnet.com, defaultrisk.com, etc., as always, many thanks for your bookmarking, your 10 seconds action means a lot to us.

Xmarks Top Site in Quantitative Finance
Quantitative Finance Collector is a Top Site in Quantitative Finance
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Xmarks Top Site in Quant
Quantitative Finance Collector is a Top Site in Quant
Review This Site

We have been looking for paid contributors and guest writers, please consider to join us by reading our policy http://www.mathfinance.cn/looking-for-paid-contributors/ and http://www.mathfinance.cn/post-your-article-on-this-blog/, your support is much appreciated.

Have a nice weekends.

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Congratulations on getting the ranking from AHL
Adrian, what a surprise, can't imagine you visit my blog, many thanks.
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