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Jun 21

Vault career guide

Posted by abiao at 20:14 | Review | Comments(1) | Reads(9610)
This weekend's review is about vault career guide, I bet many people have heard of it or even used it, I remember when I looked for a job before graduation, the two books I read often were Heard on the Street: Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews and Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking, 6th Edition, both of which provide with clear explanation and insightful experience on how to look for a job and prepare interviews efficiently, expecially on investment banking industry.

Vault.com is the leading media company focused on careers. Job seekers, students and professionals have discovered that Vault is the Internet's ultimate destination for insider career and education information.

Vault publishes over 120 career guides and its web site,  features thousands of company, university, industry and occupational profiles. Additionally, Vault provides salary surveys, articles on workplace topics, a network of message boards for professionals, and job-related video, blogs and research tools.

Here is an opportunity to sign up for free membership on Vault.com and get Career Guides for Free., enjoy!

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