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Jan 6

Week in Review 060112 Trading Strategy

Posted by abiao at 10:59 | Paper Review | Comments(3) | Reads(6402)
This week-in-review list is longer than usual since it actually covers over two weeks readings. Back to work from holiday, cheers up.

Quantpedia: The Encyclopedia of Trading Systems - turn academic research into financial profit.

PortfolioProbe: Blog year 2011 in review.

Portfolio optimization using forward-looking information: A minimum-variance strategy based on price information from a cross-section of plain-vanilla options consistently outperforms a wide range of benchmark strategies.

The Most General Methodology to Create a Valid Correlation Matrix for Risk Management and Option Pricing Purposes:  two simple methods to produce a feasible (i.e. real, symmetric, and positivesemidefinite) correlation matrix when the econometric one is either noisy, unavailable, or inappropriate.

Forecasting with Option Implied Information: surveys the methods available for extracting forward-looking information from option prices.

Machine Learning: enroll an online class of machine learning for free.

Collusion and CDS Dealer Volume: roughly 76-82% of all single name credit default swaps are trades between Bill Smith at Goldman Sachs and John Smith at JPMorgan or other dealer firms, should an investor take these traded prices as meaningful information?

The top 7 portfolio optimization problems: an excellent list of top 7 optimization problems we often meet and possible way to solve them.

A youtube video showing how to calculate Value at Risk of put options:

Thank you for summarising all this useful information. I plan to do the same on my blog but each year but when it comes to end and holidays started all going not as planed :)
I am glad it is of any help, cheers.
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