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Jun 20

Why you should Strongly Consider Using VIPRE Antivirus Software

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This post brought to you by Sunbelt Software.  All opinions are 100% mine.

It seems like each and every day you read the news on the internet, some business or government agency has had their computer system hacked into. These types of organizations spend millions, if not billions trying to protect their computers, so just imagine how vulnerable your little old PC is. There is a new antispyware and antivirus software system called VIPRE, that is creating some buzz in the industry, so we thought we would try it out and see what the excitement is all about.

First, VIPRE is not a simple conventional antispyware or antivirus software system. It is a software package that handles both functions simultaneously. What this means for the user, is that you do not have to have two separate software systems working at the same time on your computer.

To operate a single software package, as opposed to dual software systems performing the same functions, a computer uses less RAM, and less of its microprocessor’s capacity. This of course means, that your computer will operate much better because it is using far less of its resources than it did previously, while performing essentially the same job.

Since less of your computers intelligence is being used to operate VIPRE, it means that your computer can use switch this performance to other software packages you might be operating such as, Excel, Photoshop, or Dreamweaver and they will perform complicate tasks much faster.

Second, while all of the above it a huge improvement over what is presently on the market, it really does not matter if VIPRE does not protect your system as well as, or better than dual software systems. So, how does the average computer users know which system will best protect your computer? In reality, you don’t. You can read the advertisement and promotional material that each software package supplies. We assure you, that none of those will tell you that their system is not the best, or let you know of another system that is better.

The only way a typical computer user can make an intelligent decision on this type of product, is to read independent reviews on the various systems done by people that actually tested them. Then take that information, and attempt to gain a little insight into each items effectiveness and overall performance, before making their final purchasing decision.

During the month we tested VIPRE on three separate computers, we did not notice any viruses that got through the system. Throughout the test phase, we turned off both our normal antispyware and antivirus software system. Then once a week, we turned them back on and did an entire hard-drive scan. Once again, everything came up great over the entire month.

In conclusion, VIPRE Antivirus software kept both viruses and spyware off of our computers as well as, if not better than the standard systems that we used previously to perform these same tasks. But, when you take into account how much faster and better your computer operates. You have to assume that it is the next generation of software in this field, and it will be the one all of its competitors will be attempting to emulate in the future. Therefore, if you are in the market for a software product like this, you should strongly consider obtaining VIPRE.

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